Htun Htun Oo (Mr)

Managing Director

Htun Htun Oo received Master of Development Studies (MDevS) from the Yangon Institute of Economics in 2008 and a B.Econ (Statistics) Q (1992) from the Institute of Economics (Yangon), Myanmar.  He is a regular member of International Statistical Institute (ISI) and member of two ISI associations – International Association of Survey Statistician (IASS) and International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC).

He has about 20 years of experience in research survey fields with various discipline – from marketing research to economic development including poverty analysis using quantitative method, qualitative method and mixed methods approaches.  He started his professional career in November 1994 when he joined as a project coordinator at Myanmar Marketing Research and Development Ltd.  He organized Quantitative Research Department and worked as a Quantitative Research Manager till January 2004.  Then he joined Integrated Household Living Conditions Assessment Project (MYA/01/005 of UNDP) Technical Unit as a Statistician/Economist in February 2004.  He left the project in August 2011 and practiced as a freelance Consultant in both marketing and development research fields.

His expertise includes research methodology, survey design, questionnaire design, field management, training and implementation, survey data entry, data management, analysis and reporting, poverty analysis, M&E and establishment of M&E mechanism and impact assessment.  His special area also includes survey data analysis such as Missing Value Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Significant Testing, Analysis of Variance, Multiple Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.  He is also an expert user of CSPro, SPSS, MS Access and Excel.  He is also good at management of Vector Map and Thematic mapping using GIS data.

He has been writing many challenging market and social research reports for various Multinational Clients since year 1997.  In addition, he has contributed in writing of many national level development research reports since 2004.