We provide CAPI ( Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing ) and CAWI ( Computer Assisted Web Interviewing ) and CATI ( Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing ) for our customers to collect data for various survey projects.

CAPI is face-to-face data collection. An interviewer administers the questionnaire to the respondent and marks down answers on his smartphone, tablet or pc. Data are then synchronized with the server and they will be available for the analysis.

CAWI stands for computer assisted web interviewing – a technique where the respondent follows a questionnaire script provided on a webpage. CAWI allows for the display of images, videos, sounds and even other webpages as visual aids to ensure the respondent understands the product or service they are being asked about.

CATI methodology (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) was designed to improve and simplify telephone interviewing process. In fact this method includes a software that automatically support and lead the interviewer during data collection. Questions are displayed on the computer followed by possible answers that respondents may give.