Lutha Kyaw (Mr)

Co-founder, Director

Lutha Kyaw [BA (Law), LL B] has involved in market research field over 15 years in both qualitative and quantitative research projects for the clients who are local companies as well as multinational companies and organizations.  Likewise fieldwork areas cover different cities and towns across Myanmar having insights into various socioeconomic and geographical conditions.

Focus group discussions (FGD), ethnographic study and in-depth interviews are more practically used qualitative research methods. Made home visits accompanying clients to share the personal product usage experiences of end-consumers across large cities of Myanmar. More projects of qualitative studies have been conducted (FGDs) involving in all steps but moderating.  In addition, Face-to-face interviews, home placement surveys and central location tests (CLT) are widely applied in Quantitative research projects, conducted.

Prior to establishing DSS as a co-founder, Lutha Kyaw worked with Myanmar Marketing Research & Development Co Ltd till his resignation in 2012 as an Assistant General Manager.

Journalism is a part of Lutha Kyaw’s professional life as he worked as Liaison Officer cum Translator with ITAR-TASS News Agency up to 1992 when its Myanmar Office was liquidated.  Anyhow he’s been a freelance translator since early 1980s making Myanmar to English language translation and vice versa.  Published in periodicals and exclusive translations are for business enterprises.

As a law graduate he’s been a Supreme Court Advocate since 1980 and actively practiced for some five years.  Though focusing on professional tasks, continue watching major legal developments in the country, and laws of Myanmar, over many decades.